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28 people travel to a remote island for a unique program that promises to heal their addictions.
But they’ve headed into their worst danger of their lives.

In the grip of a crushing gambling addiction, young mother Evie is desperate for a way out. She’s stunned when she’s offered a lifeline: A program that includes a six-day stay in a Greek monastery, six challenges and a chance at sixty thousand dollars.

There is just one condition – she must keep it secret.

Evie’s husband Gray is gutted to find the note that Evie left behind. Why did she leave and where did she go? And is she ever coming back? But his anger turns to alarm as he begins to piece together the circumstances of his wife’s disappearance. When Evie’s car is found burned in woodland, the police suspect him of murdering Evie.

Gray has got one chance to get out of the country and find Evie – before he’s arrested for something he didn’t do.

Too late, Evie discovers the chilling truth about the program and the island itself.

And the closer she gets to finding an escape, the closer the deadly danger lurking in the depths of the monastery gets to her.

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